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1959 Hermes 3000

Serial #3007043

Re-issue 1962 Stratocaster in Sea Foam Green

One of two 1959 Hermes 3000 that I own. Both of them are fully functional and well-maintained (by me) and the platens are in surprisingly very good condition. Note also, from the typeface sample, the not so common [ ] characters. The typeface is Director Elite (12 pitch).

Never heard of Hermes typewriters before Tom Hanks posted a picture online of his H3K in 2011 (somehow, I missed Larry McMurtry's 2006 Golden Globe speech). Those curves and that seafoam green! I'm into Fender electric guitars and a favorite was a Stratocaster in the same color. As luck would have it, a neighbor's yard sale had this typewriter for $30 not long after I saw Hanks's picture. Yeah, I need more days like that.

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Started acquiring typewriters in 2006. But like any other thing I collect, I cannot stand having more than seven. Currently, I have exactly seven typewriters (I've given away a few).

1959 Hermes 3000 Type Sample


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Re-issue 1962 Stratocaster in Sea Foam Green

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