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1972 Hermes 3000

Serial #7162338

Got this one cheap for $40 because the seller mistakenly thought it was broken... turned out they just pushed the TAB button too far and it got stuck, all I had to do was push it back up.

Everything works perfectly, and I have to say this may be one of my favorites. The design is fantastic, especially in blue like this one is. The plastic housing is thick and substantial, it may as well be metal. Types smooth as butter, and the carriage is pretty good too.

If the seller hadn't given up hope on this machine so quickly maybe they would have noticed that it is CURSIVE!!!! Their loss, my gain.

If that wasn't enough is came with the key and two brushes, all in great shape like the machine itself.


Owned By: Jack B

Username: JustAnotherGuy
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1218
Galleries: 111
Collection: 44
Sightings: 67


1972 Hermes 3000 Type Sample


1972 Hermes 3000 Photo Gallery

Side looks just a good as the front

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