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1939 Corona 3

Serial #GX636776

1939 Corona 3

Case included but it's in bits & pieces. May try to see if I can get it back together. The place I bought it from, Badger's Den, Eureka, CA, is open sporadically. So when I saw him open, I went there during my lunch hour and found this Folding Typewriter and it was green. It's not quite in working condition, still have a few things to work on. But I couldn't pass it up, it needed a good home!

Owned By: Connie Hutchinson

Username: mchutchinson92
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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Born and raised in Guam, moved to to California in 1997. We live in Eureka, California now for the last 14 years. Been married for 25 years, I have 4 kids, my oldest is 25, then 22, 21 and then my 10 year old. I'm a grandma now and just absolutely LOVE it. She makes me very happy!!!

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