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1917 Corona 3

Serial #107251

A french keyboard Corona 3. In good shape. Difficult to type, in French, on a three bank keyboard! Due to the accents, and so the use very often of the figure shift, and also the unusual place of à, é, è, ù, ç, etc. Must be easier in English!
This model came with case and accessories (view photo).

Owned By: Paul SATH

Username: paulsath
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 75
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I am a french writer. I type all my drafts on my typewriters. I own about twenty of them, mainly portable ones, from 1910 to 1981 models, in working condition. I have a Facebook typewriter page: "Pour un usage moderne de la machine à écrire" :
See you soon on my page!

Je suis un écrivain français. Je tape à la machine tous mes premiers jets. Je possède une vingtaine de machines à écrire, datant de 1910 à 1981, toutes en état de marche. J'ai une page Facebook : « Pour un usage moderne de la machine à écrire » :
À bientôt sur ma page !

1917 Corona 3 Type Sample


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