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1925 Corona 3

Serial #608954

Corona No.3...
My smallest, the most impractical and very cute typewriter. There is not much to say about it. It is a pity, that someone before me damaged almost every screw on this machine. I don't like people with chewed screwdrivers... Despite this, it is in quite good shape. What else? Bought in an antique store, disassembled, cleaned and assembled. Original feet were missing, so this is improvisation using old feed rollers from another writer, which is condemned to be source of spare parts. Also the bell and its cover is missing.
Writing in Czech is real workout for index fingers and reason, why all 3-bank writers are rare here. And that's all folks. I have feeling that Corona 3 is in some way necessity for every proper typewriter collector, so I have mine too.

Owned By: Vlastimil Novak

Username: Schrei112
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1539
Galleries: 23
Collection: 21
Sightings: 2

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