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1915 Corona 3

Serial #63457

Corona n.3
This is, in my opinion, the queen of all portable typewriters.
Designed by Otto Petermann, who drastically improve the original Frank S.Rose project of the Standard Folding, this folding typewriter represents the best compromise between portabilty, durability and user-friendliness for any typist.
Though employing less alloy parts than the Standard Folding, it weights only 3 Kilograms, and fits in a 29x25x11 cm carrying case.

Owned By: Enrico Morozzi

Username: elmoroz
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The escapement works without wheels, it's just based on loose dogs and springs, just keep it lubricated and it won't miss a hit.

The three-row keyboard helps reducing the overall measures, though required some training when the typist was used to a standard 4-bank typewriter. That lever on the left is used to hold the platen when you fold the typewriter.

Unfortunately couldn't find spools fitting this early Corona, so I had to tune some calculator spools to make it work. The reverse ribbon system is manual, you just have tu unscrew the nut on the top on one spool and screw the other tight. Note the ribbon color selector, it has a neutral position for stencil cutting.. Though I hardly believe someone really used this typewriter for stencils..

the s/n is written on the bottom interior part of the typewriter.

The typewriter was sold with a brush and a small oiling can. This typewriter needs a good lubrication to work properly.

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