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1960 Hermes 2000

Serial #2239102

According to its owner, this typewriter was first used in the Swiss Army - it also came with some interesting ephemera such as a list of the members of a church circle in a Swiss town. The exterior is really scungy - when I rubbed it with a finger I scraped off a film of nasty green stuff. Nicotine perhaps?

All the same, this typewriter is every bit as efficient and precise as you'd expect to come out of a country of watchmakers. Aside from an irritating problem with the 'magic margins' that initially stopped it from writing along half of the line length, this machine lets me type at a million miles an hour... provided I don't mess up the switched Z and Y!

Owned By: Nick Winter

Username: winter
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 740
Galleries: 44
Collection: 42
Sightings: 2

Possibly the most amateur typewriter collector ever? Uni student located in Sydney, AUS. The amount of storage I have is a constant problem as I try to keep feeding my addiction...

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