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1910 L.C. Smith 2

Serial #95373-2

LC Smith n.1/2 and Underwood 5 sales comparison, based on s/n from this typewriter database...

L.C. Smith n.2
This was the first real threat to the leadership of the Underwood 5 on the typewriter market.
Designed by the former Typewriter Union engineer Carl Gabrielson, and first produced in 1903, this machine types really fast and smooth.
Every typebar is running on small micro-ball bearings, and the spacing is perfect even without a typeguide.
The ribbon
This typewriter has basket shift, tabulator, fast platen dissassembly, and the carriage runs on ball bearings.
This machine was a success, it didn't of course "beat" the Underwood, but conquered a good marketshare.
On the type test, the keyboard is much lighter than the Underwood, and the typebars hit the platen like bullets, easily making holes on the paper if you type hard.
As a fast-typer Underwood is better because of the Universal Bar fast typebar return, but really this is more matter for typing contests than everyday typing.
The ribbon reverse is automatic, but you can switch manually too, by the small lever on the front upper left part of the typewriter.

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1910 L.C. Smith 2 Type Sample


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the s/n is hidden inside the hull, behind the backspace key.

here you see how the typebars are linked to the basket, the micro ball bearings work smooth, they are well protected from the dust and need almost no lubrication.

the ribbon color selector is under the ribbon vibrator, not very ergonomical compared to the Underwood 5.

You can remove the platen just loosing two screws on the side, and opening the lock.

line spacing setting has 3 possible regulations.

There is a tabulator with removable stops on the rear part of the carriage.

The machine is wide-open on every side for easy cleaning and lubrication

LC Smith n.1/2 and Underwood 5 sales comparison, based on s/n from this typewriter database...

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