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1920 Royal 10

Serial #X574088

1920 Royal 10

I found this type writer at basically a yard sale (Amateur Radio ham fest) for five dollars. I could not pass it up. At the time it was missing a "T" striker and it was overall just dirty and un kept looking. I did not want to post a picture of it until it had been refurbished and properly taken care of. (it cost me more than 90 dollars) I got it repaired and I think that it was worth it. Though it still does not type letters evenly, and some of the letters stick, I think that this piece is still great to have and I am going to place it in a position of honor. I am glad I can share what I have with everyone, now I just need to figure out how to use it. I have just practiced using it for the first time so I do not have a typeface sample of it yet, I will upload one when I do though.

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I love mechanical things and that includes old manual type writers

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