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1931 Royal 10

Serial #SX-1504896

Got this machine for $15 off of craigslist. It was actually listed for $20, but the guy gave it to me for fifteen, I didn't even have to talk him down! He was a nice guy, the machine was in poor shape though. I cleaned it up best I could and it seems to be fully functional now, with one or two minor issues I still need to sort out.

Interesting side note though. It seems to have been sitting in that man's garage for decades with the carriage fully extended, and after awhile gravity caused the metal to actually bend. It's only in the slightest amount, less than millimeters, but this made the carriage so tight that it couldn't retract. I highly suggest if you're storing typewriters to do so with the the carriage in it's centered position!

Also, I'm still waiting on the ribbon, so no typeface specimen yet. More photos later as well.

Owned By: Caleb Jackson

Username: IronHeinrich
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"The wheel does not break,
'Tis the band round my heart
That, to lessen its ache,
When I grieved for your sake,
I bound round my heart."

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