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197X Julietta (Antares) 25

Serial #37439-17

German keyboard
Pica typeface

I bought this because I wanted to know the difference of the Lisa 25 to the Lisa 30 for my Antares page (see link). This has no ribbon color selector, while the 30 has one.
It is a very cheap made and very awful typewriter. I even hated to type the typeface sample. Besides that it is missing one key. The design is copied from the Valentine but misses the useful case solution the Valentine has. The color is quite nice, but that's it.

Owned By: Carl H

Username: Olivetti48
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 2690
Galleries: 205
Collection: 192
Sightings: 13

Typewriter collector from Germany. I collect all brands, but like Olivetti the most. I'm not that type of collector that buys the most expensive, old or rare pieces. I love and collect typewriters because it was an everyday product millions of people used. Much of them are well-made and were so expensive for there pre-owner – now, people want not to throw them away, but they don't want them anymore – and so, there are ridiculous cheap. When I see a typewriter, standing around and being so cheap, I cannot abandon it. (I hope my english is at least understandable, feel free to correct me).

197X Julietta (Antares) 25 Type Sample


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