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1972 Adler J5

Serial #4826395

My mother's typewriter. It's a restoration project currently -- one I can't mess up on. Found out she wrote my father love letters on this!

Condition is pretty good. Some staining on both sides where one would grip to lift off the cover to change the ribbon. Types very well, needs lubrication and some refining to the setup. Three issues that require attention: the ribbon doesn't want to change direction once all on one spool, the ribbon has trouble shifting, and the locking mechanism had to be removed from the frame of the typewriter because it had glued the typewriter into place. An oddity is that the ribbon shifts well enough (but doesn't change direction) while the cover is off.

Typeface is Pica. Based off of munk's scans of the 1964 NOMDA, it is Ro 1 Pica 10 pitch.

Owned By: William Tedeschi

Username: Baekgu
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I began using typewriters when I realized that digital workflow really didn't work too well for me. I write almost all of my drafts longhand with a fountain pen (my first love) then type out after via a typewriter.

Typewriters, to me, can be split into two grades like fountain pens: user and collector. All of my typewriters are certainly user grade! That doesn't mean they're ratty, it just means they're not mint condition. :-) I'm a user more than a collector and the typewriters I own (as with my pens) were purchased because of their draw. Portables are my cup of tea as desktop models are... kinda unsightly beasts. I also tend to lug one around!

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