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1975 Adler J5

Serial #15478459

(note: this typewriter may appear twice here in the database - previously belonged to Nick B)

This is a 197X Adler J5. It is a fully featured, high quality, modern manual machine from some time in the '70s. This specimen is in fantastic condition. The typing feel is unique and unlike any other machine I know. It's mildly firm, comfortable, and easy. This Adler types with amazing precision. The type alignment on paper is as good as any. The inner workings, the metal work, the parts quality, the screw machining, all the stuff that demonstrates the fabrication and manufacturing quality, to me is top notch. I'd place it up there with and in some ways better than Olympia and Hermes. The plastic shell does have small resonances and rattles, and I think that may give off the perception of a certain kind of cheapness. But I'd strongly argue that it's simply the acoustics of the machine and not the "machine" part of it. Mechanically, it's extremely precise. The milled and polished carriage track rails are unlike anything I've seen. The ease of carriage removal is as easy as it gets. Two screws, 10 seconds, it's off. It goes back on just as easily. The carriage position toward or away from the type slugs is easy. The upper and lower case stops are also quite accessible and easy to tweak. I must say that I consider this an extremely high quality machine. This one has a 12-pitch elite typeface. This Adler is very good about preventing character placement errors, no overlapping or skipping. I like the lines of it too, albeit plastic.

Owned By: Brad Sarno

Username: bradsarno
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I've spent my life as a mechanical and electronics tinkerer, bikes, cars, lawnmowers, appliances, cameras, audio gear, guitars, amplifiers, and pedal steel guitars. I was trained as a typist for 2 years back in the late 70's on IBM Selectric II's. At home I recall my mother having an Olympia SM3. More recently we got our daughter a typewriter for Christmas, and that somehow sparked my own personal interest in these fine and interesting machines. Now it's a habit that just won't quit. Daily searches on Craigslist, frequent trips to antique stores & malls, garage sales, etc. It's a fun and healthy addiction.

1975 Adler J5 Type Sample


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