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197x Adler J2

Serial #A301.63005

When I got this Adler it was all gummed up, and not working, but I liked the design, and it was only $24. After a few cleaning sessions, and some spray silicon, it types very nicely. It's become one of my favorite everyday typers. I love the simple crisp lines, and the typing feel, a bit slow, but not at all bad!

Owned By: Donald Lampert

Username: woodstock5
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 79
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I am a decorative painter/artist, and do historic restoration of older homes, and theatres. Growing up in New Jersey, i took typing in 8th grade, and at the time hated it. I've since lived in Chicago, Minneapolis. and now a small town in rural SW Wisconsin.
My hobbies are collecting and restoring old phonographs, sewing machines, kitchen appliances, clocks and radios, vintage office equipment, and of course typewriters. I love vintage mechanical gadgets. At this point in my life, I am developing my writing skills, and have started on old typewriter short stories.

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