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1973 Adler Tippa

Serial #5941678

Bought this ($75 shipping included) at the same time as the black Tippa S, as a Christmas present for my youngest daughter...was surprised how different this machine is from the S...this one is basket shift while the S is carriage shift...this one made in Holland, the S in Germany...this one labeled with T-A and Li, the S as a Grundig. Typing action and feel is similar, though I think I prefer the feel of this on a little better. Everything works perfectly, came with a new ribbon installed.

The typeface on this appears to be RO 88 Esquire, based on the 88 on the typeslug and

Owned By: Ric Wyckoff

Username: TaoTypist
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In the beginning was the Tao, and the Tao created one, and the one created two, and two created three, and three created the ten thousand things...and thus it is with typewriter collecting! Hiker, photographer, acupuncturist and more in the Arizona desert.

1973 Adler Tippa Type Sample


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