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1964 Adler Tippa 1

Serial #4519404

I got this wonderful Tippa 1 from none other than Duffy Moon, who lives in my locale. It came with the original manual and carrying case, and he was gracious enough to include a correction pencil with a brush on the end. The case needs a serious overhaul (our local upholsterer said that it was too much even for his equipment) and it is amazingly loud for such a small machine. The carriage is silent, though. What gives?

There is something that appears to be a cigarette burn on the right side, the margin release/typebar release causes the machine to seize up occasionally, and it has a pointed problem with ribbons equipped with a brad. The paper release and the carriage return lever on the right side of the carriage are in different positions than you'd expect, so that takes a little while to get used to. Those things said, I love this typer and once I find a way to make it quieter, it will be my go-to portable.

UPDATE: (4/26/14) Sold this machine to Richard Polt at the Cincinnati Spring Type-In. It was quite an event!

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I've been hunting for typewriters since 2012, but I've loved them for long before that... about 2003. In the short amount of time in which I've started seriously collecting I've amassed a collection of over 65 machines (now specializing in Royals), one of which is parts. At the ripe old age of 20, to boot!

In November of 2013 I participated in National Novel Writing Month and hit a pretty decent 105,991 words; all written on manual machines. I think that this is a new record, but there isn't any official record keeping in the Typewriter Brigade.

I also run The Daily Clipper, which while admittedly abandoned for 2 years is back up and running, soon to bring you articles on all sorts of history. Scheming and planning a website on the same domain.

1964 Adler Tippa 1 Type Sample


1964 Adler Tippa 1 Photo Gallery

This typewriter is as thin as an iPhone is wide.

I love when a typewriter has the decal from the place where it was originally sold. It gives a history to the machine. The cigarette burn (?) is above the decal.

The case exterior is a tough faux leather, and the inside is an interesting plaid color scheme.

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