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1962 R.C. Allen VisOmatic A

Serial #A-2205009

Purchased at a swap meet for $20.00 -
Missing the front name plate, tab key and the correct "E" key (The current key is tombstone style.
Covered in Nicotine...
Ribbon is too dry to get a typeface sample

Owned By: Ryan Wright

Username: qwerty
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 853
Galleries: 49
Collection: 48
Sightings: 1

I am an avid typewriter enthusiast with currently over forty-five (45) typewriters in my collection (and growing).
Manufacture dates currently range from 1890 – 1982.
Always hunting at swap meets and estate sales. EBay is always a good hunting ground for typewriters and paraphernalia, but often difficult to find a deal.

1962 R.C. Allen VisOmatic A Photo Gallery

Missing Tab Key

Wrong "E" Key

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