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1962 IBM Selectric I

Serial #4074577

This is a Model 72 machine I restored from the truckload of Selectrics I picked up. It's a very early 1962 Level 1 machine as production started in 1961. Later models had paper tables, page-end indicators, adjustable impression, etc that this machine does not. It has the first design case that used screws to hold the upper case to four brackets and the bottom cover is fastened with one screw at the rear. It originally was Topaz Bronz, but the paint was worn badly, so I repainted it a soft gold. I think it contrasts with the gray keys and two-tone platen knobs nicely. Originally designed for fabric ribbons, the aftermarket has provided carbon film ribbons in a replacement cartridge, giving this machine the crisp, clear print that Selectrics are known for.

I've fully reconditioned it with chemical wash, lubrication with synthetic lubricants and parts replacement as necessary to restore optimal operation. The keyboard is smooth and responsive with that wonderful keyboard touch that made Selectrics so famous.

Sighted By: Clark Hinson

Username: professorc30
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I love mechanical things and have tinkered with manual and electric typewriters since my teens. I have always been fascinated by the IBM Selectric, but it was later in life that I finally got my hands on one to explore. I learned to repair/restore them and suddenly I have several of them. I don't really consider myself a collector, but rather a restorer. I enjoy bringing old machines back to usable condition and then pass them on to other people to use and enjoy.

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