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1953 Royal Quiet De Luxe

Serial #AG-2586537

There are many types of gold plated Royal typewriters out there, but the most beautiful of them all, to my mind, is the gold plated Royal Quiet Deluxe. It is said that James Bond author Ian Fleming owned one that is similar to this one.

The gold Royal Quiet Deluxe is very different in design from the usual gold plated Royal Aristocrats, and this design is extremely rare and highly sought after.

I was fortunate to be able to add this special one to my collection, made even more special because of its provenance, There is a special gold plated name plate on the paper table engraved with the name Carl V. Kornmeyer. My searches have not uncovered much information of who Mr Kornmeyer might have been, or how he came to own such a beautiful and special typewriter.

I did manage to locate a Mr Carl Vernon Kornmeyer, the closest match to the name engraved on the nameplate of this typewriter. He was born on 1 Aug 1913 to Rollin Edward Kornmeyer and Eva May Richards. Carl Vernon married Dorothy Louise Warner. He passed away on 28 Aug 1958, which would sadly have been about 5 years after he might have been presented with this typewriter.

Manufacture: Royal Typewriter Company
Model: Quiet De Luxe
Color: Gold
Serial Number: AG-2586537
Year: 1953
Typeface: Elite, 12 characters per inch

Provenance : There is a special gold plated name plate on the paper table engraved with the name Carl V. Kornmeyer.

* Original tweed case (no key)

Owned By: Daniel Chia

Username: danielchia
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 188
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I live in Singapore and I love typewriters for their history, and for the sheer genius of how they were made!

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