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1952 Royal HH

Serial #HHE-13-4850905

Royal HH Dust Cover w/printed address

Found at a local antique shop in summer of 2016. It appears to have been used for a particular local business, whose information was printed on the dust cover. Not just a great typewriter, but a nice piece of local history!

It was the only one of its kind I found at the antique shop. Very cool find. Writes like a dream!

(Typeface sample added on 11/13/2017)

Owned By: Liz Alexander

Username: chinalizard
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 77
Galleries: 7
Collection: 4
Sightings: 3

Hi! I'm an unpublished author who has fallen in love with typewriters! I'm married and in my late 30s. Looking to improve on my collection, and help update the database with my finds.

1952 Royal HH Type Sample


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Royal HH Dust Cover w/printed address

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