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1950 Voss ST24

Serial #114442

Curves ahead! This "Sad-Face" Voss is just about the main typewriter that Voss is known for. After the brittleness of their earlier typewrite bodies, they set out to make what must be the most solidly cast alloy body ever put on a typewriter. This particular Voss was originally imported to the United States where it was purchased by a mining company based in Arizona. Ultimately the machine made it's way to Peru with the company where they proceeded to start their mining operations. In the late 1960's the company switched over to electric machines at which point they sold off their manual machines. A Canadian family living in Peru at the time purchased it from the company before leaving the country due to political and social unrest.

- Sean

Owned By: Plante and Doole-Fisher Typewriters

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This gallery represents the machines owned by good friends Dirk Plante and Sean Doole-Fisher, who reside in British Columbia, Canada. Together they have established Venneburg Typewriters, a partnership that to date has seen over 400 typewriters since 2009. Here you will find the machines that are currently still in possession or that have come and gone since December 2017.

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