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1948 Erika M

Serial #1147879

Typewriter complete and fully functional. Small repair, otherwise original condition, cleaned and lubricated.

Manufacturer: Seidel & Naumann AG, Dresden

Owned By: Torsten Ludwar

Username: Luto77
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 2331
Galleries: 56
Collection: 49
Sightings: 7

I am fascinated by the mechanics of the various typewriters. I love the challenge to repair even severe cases. I'm trying to preserve the testimonies of the history of the typewriters.

I live in Dresden, so I am interested especially for the history of Seidel & Naumann AG and the typewriters model 'Erika' before and after the 2nd World War produced in Dresden.

Member of international forum historic office world (I.F.H.B. e.V.)

1948 Erika M Type Sample


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