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1930 L.C. Smith 8

Serial #962676B 10 R

I've been wanting a LC Smith for what seems like forever now, and my waiting paid off when I received this 8 as a gift! The only thing I wish it has but doesn't is a right-hand return lever.

Though in need of lots of intensive cleaning, it is mechanically intact. Not working well enough for a sample- there is so much dust in this thing it isn't even funny.

This was factory rebuilt probably some time in the 30's. I believe that is what the 'R' in the serial number is supposed to designate.

These silly little rubber covers for the platen knobs were covering the originals, I removed them because they were degrading badly. I assume they were added to the machine after it was rebuilt at the factory, to make it look newer.


Although I did clean it extensively and it worked for the most part, it just wasn't fast at all. For some reason the ribbon would only advance if I typed quickly. I sold it locally to a neat antique shop for store credit.

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