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192X Amata Amata

Serial #1280

"1923 Amata. Engineer: Ing. Adolf Reisser, Manufacturer: Maschinenfabrik [machines factory] J. von Petravic & Co., Schadinagasse 6–8, Wien [Vienna] XVII/I. [...] It had all features which could be expected from a good typewriter at the time. Production was stopped in 1925, as the financing bank had folded as a consequence of the inflation. All in all approximately 1000 machines were traded, and typewriter repair men say that still today Amata machines are in use, to the satisfaction of their owners." Ernst Martin, Die Schreibmaschine, 1949 edition, p. 323.

Owned By: Georg Sommeregger

Username: shordzi
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 2336
Galleries: 146
Collection: 117
Sightings: 29

Based in Basel, Switzerland. Running and
Very early member of the typosphere.

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