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1929 Imperial Model D

Serial #66305

Imperial mo.D is the last typewriter designed by Hidalgo Moya. The last of Imperial upstrike typewriters was first designed in 1919 as a portable, though compared to the Corona 3, really looks more like "carriable".
Heavier and more complicated than the Corona, still had a rather good success in sales especially in the English market.
The upstrike design makes this typewriter good for making carbon copies, and the keyboard is very balanced, because every key has the same weight.
Another interesting feature: the keyboard is interchangable to write different typefaces.
It really looks much attractive because of that shiny chrome you see everywhere.
I had to restore the keyboard on this specimen because the keys were unreadable.
The orignal paper keytops were paraffin-waxed, and they became darker and darker in the years.

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1929 Imperial Model D Photo Gallery

the s/n behind the typewriter

The line spacing is adjustable in two positions, the margin setting is on the front of the platen.

The ribbon runs on an over-complicated track. This overexpose the ribbon to the air and makes the replacing a dirty and difficult operation.

A view of the spare keyboard without the base.

A view of the base without the keyboard. The keyboard dissassembly is very pratical for cleaning and lubrication. That lever on the left of the space bar is used for the backspace, and works very good on this typewriter, while the lever UNDER the spacebar is the ribbon color switch.

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