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1926 AEG 6

Serial #50532

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any large typewriters while on vacation, and look what I've done... needless to say, when I saw this machine for $75 at an antique store the promise was broken instantly. How often do you see prewar Olympia standards in the US? Unfortunately I have to leave it with my family in Massachusetts for a while, because I can't take it back with me on a plane.

This machine is a bit of a mystery. I think it is an early model 8, possibly from before AEG changed its name to Olympia (?) but I'm no Olympia expert and that's just guesswork. I can't find the serial number to confirm this theory as it is not where it appears on other 8s in the database. I don't know where to find it!

It's very dirty and stiff, but it DOES work. It takes a bit of muscle to operate, though. The carriage is tough to return and needs a good cleaning.

If anyone could tell me where I can find the serial number before I leave tomorrow, that would be great!


I found the serial number! It is a model 6, not 8.

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