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1918 Regina 4

Serial #16803

This model works with Underwood spools, the keytop was made like an American (without the holy german glass plates).
This one here was only a clump and I took it anyway. Someone had coated the metal with an horrible Cupper Paste, so the meager chrome was lost.
It needed the harder procedure - Acid and my baking oven. In the face of the keytop - I gave up. Only some selfmade buttons have been changed into the right notation.
Notice: The decals of a Regina covered all (all of papertable for example), so over the time the used berthing oil will be make it shrinky.
At last: It works again .... as an placeholder.

Owned By: Peter Wolf

Username: Peter10437
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1951
Galleries: 92
Collection: 91
Sightings: 1

Repairman and Make-up Artist ... born in 1971 - Germany ....

1918 Regina 4 Type Sample


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