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1971 Hermes Baby #9265240


Green Hermes Baby with German keyboard (not swiss). It has a few problems, like a hard platen that doesn't grip the paper. I've been trying to remove it but am rather scared about it. I roughed it up with sandpaper, and that addressed the problem tolerably well.

The ribbon vibrator hangs down too low on the right. I'm trying to learn to adjust it but I'm new to this typewriter thing. So it pinches the ribbon when I shift or use the red part of the ribbon.

It came with a horrible ribbon with silvery correction tape which left silver dust in the machine. I replaced it, but it took some effort to find the 47 mm diameter ribbon spools, smaller than "universal" spools which didn't allow me to close the machine when typing.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: michael stanton (ripsawridge)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 23

Software engineer, musician, climber. Now a typewriter enthusiast! I've got a Hermes 2000, and now two Babys. But gosh...so much to learn with cleaning and repairing. Fun. :)

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