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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Crystal Bennett:
1963 Smith Corona Coronet

Typeface Specimen:

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1963 Smith Corona Coronet
Serial #
6SE 281889

Status: My Collection
Created: 03-14-2017 at 11:10AM
Last Edit: 05-18-2017 at 06:38AM

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I bought it for $39, it works beautifully. The only problem is the += key arm is detached, but I'll get that fixed. I've found out with what I believe to be accurate information, that this is in fact a 1963 model SCM Coronet.

The platen itself is 9.5", and the position of the "Coronet" model name, being positioned alone and at the top back of the machine is an indication, combined with the serial number and SCM Smith-Corona logo on the front. Later models would have "Coronet Electric" on the front right, with the SCM (etc) on the front left.

Interestingly, though it is an electric, it has the manual style return lever, instead of the power return button, which is pretty cool, because those power return buttons are rather aggressive in nature anyway. My aunt had one that shook the whole table, spilling coffee everywhere whenever the carriage was returned. That was a loooong time ago!

This style from Smith Corona is one of the best, and highest rated machines you can find, and are darn-near indestructible.


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Crystal Bennett
Username: knittingbug

I'm Crystal. I am a newspaper-published writer, Novelist-in-progress, blogger, former Behavior Specialist, and an Ordained Minister. I absolutely love typewriters, and am growing a small collection. I have raised five sons to adulthood, and yet, I can't keep potted plants alive more than a month. My husband and I spend way too much time together, but that's okay.

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