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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of James Gifford:
196X Carlton unknown

Typeface Specimen:

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196X Carlton unknown
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Status: My Collection
Created: 01-09-2017 at 07:24PM
Last Edit: 01-09-2017 at 07:30PM

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I bought this typewriter simply because I had never heard of the Carlton brand, and I didn't pay all that much for it. I've since read here and elsewhere that these typewriters are essentially Montana typewriters (rebadged Hermes clones), which were distributed in various places as Admiral, Packard, and Vornado. I've read that this particular iteration was poorly made with a plastic body, but this machine, unless I'm seeing things, is made out of metal. This writer is in quite good shape, though something's up with the escapement. It also came without ribbon spools. The manual that came with it (two entire pages) specifies it uses Underwood ribbons, but this does not seem to be the case. As these seem to be Hermes Baby clones, perhaps I should buy spools that would fit an Hermes. Or perhaps I need to undo the bolt that holds the ribbon spool, which prevents any spool I have from fitting (Underwood, Olivetti, Royal, Brother, SC, etc.). This machine reminds me of my Argyle and the Brother--that is, a Japanese feel and aesthetic--though from all accounts they were manufactured in Turin, Italy. It isn't dissimilar in its feel to my Antares, which might provide a hint to its country of provenance. I can find no manufacturer's badging other than the Carlton name, and there is no helpful info in the manual. A mystery I would gladly seek help to solve, as I am but a voyageur on this typewriter journey. I'll follow with a type sample when I can get a damn spool to fit!

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James Gifford
Username: giffer

I have suddenly become a typewriter collector. It started with one purchase and has ballooned to a collection of more than forty in less than a year. I'm learning fast but I'm still a novice compared to others in the typosphere, including here in Toronto, where I haunt thrift shops and antique markets, and even the occasional basement. I'm a former magazine writer and published author, and a professional book editor by trade, and I learned to type on manuals despite the proliferation of electrics, so I like to think I come by my sudden and rather manic passion honestly.

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