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1968 Olympia SM9 #3581398


Probably the most blue collar typewriter I own. It takes your thoughts and tattoos the page with the letters and words and it'll do it for as long as you got something in your dome. The color is white and grey and it probably won't inspire you, but it will not hinder the process either.

I found this Olympia SM9 on Ebay for about 60 bucks. The machine arrived in nearly pristine condition. No dust. No smells. No rust. Just clean metal against clean metal and plastic keys that dance when your fingers jab them with those ideas. The only thing about it is there's a slight smudge and a tiny dent on the back.

Not the most exciting machine from an aesthetic point of view, but it is exciting to know that this typewriter is a beast when it comes to the work it can handle.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Luke Smultz (LukeSmo)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 64

Austin Texas.

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