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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of King Corduroy:
1966 Royal (Silver-Seiko) Signet

Typeface Specimen:

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1966 Royal (Silver-Seiko) Signet
Serial #

Status: My Collection
Created: 04-08-2015 at 09:40PM
Last Edit: 04-08-2015 at 10:08PM

Royal (Silver-Seiko) Serial Numbers
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Royal (Silver-Seiko) Signet Typewriter Galleries


Found this ugly little machine at my local goodwill, I normally wouldn't buy a typewriter like this since it is obviously from the time typewriters starting to be imported from japan and were made worth worse and worse quality but the fact that this typewriter has an all metal body (albeit very thin sheet metal) and still had many of it's original protective bits of plastic with it sort of told me it might be a good one to grab and it was only marked 9.99$ which really is a steal for any metal typewriter.

The action was pretty stiff though when I got it but this was easily fixed with a bit of liquid wrench and typing on it.

This is also the first typewriter I've ever used outside of my house, you see I was out doing laundry but had 36 minutes to kill while waiting for the washing to finish so I quickly went over to the goodwill (I never know what I'll find but I usually find cool stuff). So when I came back with the typewriter and the oil I didn't want to wait to go home to try it so I oiled it and started typing right there in the laundromat (I had also bought two packets of typewriter paper that were at goodwill in the office supplies section).

Overall I'm quite happy, it's light enough to use anywhere, the typing action is great and responsive and it has a solid bottom which means I can use it on my lap to type if I want to.

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King Corduroy
Username: KingCorduroy

I am a mechanical engineering student with a fascination for antiques, I bought my first typewriter when I was in 6th or 7th grade. It was a very beat-up and dejected Remington Noiseless Model 7 and it only cost me 5$ since I was the only one at the auction interested in it. Since then I have sold it (and happen to know it is sitting in an antique shop) but my love for typewriters has never waned.
Since then my interests have spread to vintage computers and other electronics and I have obtained many interesting things. I now own 3 typewriters, but I am always looking for more and those sleek portables of the 1940's and 50's always catch my eye.

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