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1964 Olivetti Lettera 32 #2166883


Bought of Ebay, because I was looking for an early QWERTY Olivetti Lettera 32, made in Ivrea. Found this beautiful machine, that doesn't seem to have been used much. The carry case contained not only the bill of sale, but also the standard brushes, dust wrap (in its original envelop) and manual.
All I had to do is clean it up a little (there was a lot of dust) and put it in a new ribbon. Voilà!

What's also special about this is that the machine has one dead key for accents and a german double S.

Typeface Specimen:


Here's the bill of sale. I used brush on paint to erase the name and address of the person that bought it, for privacy reasons.

Hunter: Imre Deneer (iden)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 478

I love to read literature, and was very curious as to how the authors I love the most, physically wrote their novels. That got me into typewriters.

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