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1962 Hermes 3000 #3125517


Good machine out of the proverbial eBay box. The oldest was heard to say, "I can see why so many people love this machine!"

I sold this machine on Etsy. Moving to "sightings"

Typeface Specimen:


The paper bale/margin tape assembly EXPLODED in my hands when I mistakenly used it as a handle when tipping the machine. The spring was a total loss. I re-assembled it with smaller springs and a piece of elastic cording. It's not perfect, but it's back together .
I have had to completely disassemble and re-assemble the margin tape system, so ping me with any questions if you need help with yours. It's dubious honor, I assure you! :-)

Hunter: Brian Brumfield (bsbrum)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1536

I love machines, machining, creating things from nothing. Typewriters have struck a romantic chord in me, thanks to my oldest son, and I am working with him and the rest of our family to acquire, restore, repair many machines.
Our collection grows in fits and spurts - as the seasons change. We make a lot of acquisitions at estate sales, yard and garage sales, thrift stores, online, and through personal connections.
The machines that we don't want to keep in our own collection, we are selling through various outlets - Etsy, Square Market, and eventually on eBay - and unlike some sellers, we KNOW how to pack a machine for shipment! :-)
Brumfield & Sons Typewriters, at your service.

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