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1957 Olympia SM3 #1053127


I LOVE this machine. The two tone color is really exceptional, and it types like a dream. It's a bit heavy to lug to the pool on a regular basis, however. But it is a wonderful typewriter to use, and has Elite font.

Typeface Specimen:

Hunter: Annalese Stradivarius (madamemohawk)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 145

Typewriter maven, steampunk geek and a fat chick on a scooter. Have lots of very specific yet generally trivial information stored in me noggin. I tend to have a one-track mind and am OCD into near-neuroticisim over things I know, love and enjoy. An all-round jovial nerd.

RESEARCH NOTE: When researching the Olympia SM3 on a computer with lots of screen real estate, you may find that launching the Olympia Serial Number page and the Olympia SM3 By Model/Year/Serial page in new browser windows can give you interesting perspectives on changes throughout the model series.