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1956 Smith Corona Sterling #5A608071


My fourth typewriter, I have owned this one for over a year. It was also my first portable, and the first typewriter I owned that worked perfectly, so in a way it was the first I used for any serious work.

Although battered and dirty, this is one of my nost reliable machines and nearly never has issues of any sort. I still am yet to clean it, but seeing as it works perfectly as is I won't get to working on it for quite some time.

Nicknamed "Billy", one of few typewriters I have given a nickname to. As this is one of my favorite machines, it really earned the honor of having a name!

I'm not really sure why I took so long to make a gallery for this one, but ah well. It's done now.

Typeface Specimen:


Nasty, nasty..

Hunter: Jack B (JustAnotherGuy)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
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