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1955 Underwood Universal #BA2642323


Made in U.S.A. Good sturdy metal typer. Somewhat stiff keyboard feel (not as light as my Underwood Finger-Flite Champion). Missing the knurled ribbon advance knob. Platen set screws are bunged up so I can't get the platen knobs off to adjust the left margin hold. Nice pleasant type face with pretty good imprint. I got it from an estate sale for $10. And I like the color! A good looking typer.

Typeface Specimen:



I put a piece of shrink tubing on the ribbon advance shaft, but it's too big to fit tightly. Still, it tells me which direction the ribbon is running.

Looks just like the innards of my Finger-Flite Champion.

Hunter: Jer Wal (treefaller)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 452

The pounding typebar, having writ, moves on... unless there's a ding.

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