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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Javier Vazquez del Olmo:
194X Hispano-Olivetti Studio 46

Typeface Specimen:

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194X Hispano-Olivetti Studio 46
Serial #

Status: My Collection
Created: 09-14-2015 at 09:07AM
Last Edit: 09-14-2015 at 09:14AM

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This typewriter has given me nightmares. It arrived horribly damaged, rusty to the core and with the promise of being "una máquina que está muy requetebién", which would translate as "a machine which is super-duper well".

It was not.

It´s needed months of repairs, and thorough polishing (with extreme care) to make it type again. Now it´s a fine example of the middle step between the elegant and incredibly desirable MP1 Ico and the all-enduring M40.

If I´m not mistaken, it´s the first "portable" produced at the plant in Barcelona, and there seem to be several differences with the Italian model:

- The name. This is the equivalent to the Studio 42. I guess they named the Spanish version Studio 46 to differentiate them, but they couldn´t expect to get another Studio 46 almost 30 years after.

- The chromed parts. The Hispano Studio 46 is noticeably duller.

- The serial number, which doesn´t match with the Italian numbers.

And there´s a mechanical quirk that has blown my mind: Instead of something that pulls the type, the key and the type are joined by a cogwheel-like union. I´ve never seen such a thing and I love it! (see photo 7)

But it´s a fine machine. It´s remarkably pleasant to use and makes a beautiful low-pitched noise when typing. In addition, it´s ready to hold its ground against heavy workloads. All in all, a good machine with enough quality to make me forget the stinly experience with the seller...

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Javier Vazquez del Olmo
Username: Javi

The first typewriter I saw was my grandpa´s Olivetti Linea 98 at the office. It was just a curio for me. Then I was given a Nakajima, which I didn´t use and my grandfather took it from me because it was easier to handle than the bulky Linea 98.

Now I own that typewriter, and I started a little collection in Valladolid, Spain. The Nakajima, which is "my" typewriter is the only one which is NOT in my collection. How ironic...

Things then got... complex. I moved from Valladolid to my village, and suddenly found myself with a lot of room available at home, so the small collection is turning into something bigger, a nuisace for my family and a great source of satisfaction for me.

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