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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Vlastimil Novak:
1943 Monta (Olivetti) MP1 Ico

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1943 Monta (Olivetti) MP1 Ico
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Status: My Collection
Created: 03-09-2017 at 08:19AM
Last Edit: 06-08-2017 at 07:52AM

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Monta (Olivetti) MP1

Maybe the most beautiful and adorable portable machine ever made. This particular one is another speciality for Czechoslovakia. Monta. I was searching on the internet and only other Monta I was able to find was with Czech keyboard, therefore I assume that it is just our "thing". The big question why? I don't know... Olivetti sibling (1941) on the first photo is factored with Czech keyboard... I have another Monta (1941), it is parts machine in really sad condition. That one is not equipped with Ico badge.
If someone can bring some idea, why Italians bothered with production of different paper rest, I would be really glad.

Majority of MP1s I have spotted in Czech Republic are painted with this beautiful black crinkle paint. This one is in almost mint condition, so the paint is unbelievably fabulous on the sun. It is really sparkling, believe me! On the other side, when is this colour faded out by years on the sun, it becomes gray and dull. Also it is hard to clean.
When I got it, it was really dusty, so the body must undergo appointment with bathroom, detergent and toothbrush. It is only way I know to really clean this type of paint. Before and after difference is incredible.

Machine is equipped with Slovak keyboard. Keyboard looks original, only someone added "+". I like the small round insert in key insert. That is elegant job!

Case has a plastic handle.

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Vlastimil Novak
Username: Schrei112

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