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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Gerald Ambrose:
1938 Underwood M

Typeface Specimen:

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1938 Underwood M
Serial #
M4819428 11

Status: Sightings
Created: 02-25-2017 at 12:39PM
Last Edit: 03-21-2017 at 01:51PM

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Spotted at the same antique store as most of my sightings, and like those, the price was just too high. This one was $175!

I found, when I came home, that it is a first year, 1938, Underwood Master. It was interesting to note the differences between this machine and mine which is from 1939.
On mine the cowling is missing (though, it does not seem to have ever been there), and the paper table seems to be of an older design. It does make me wonder if my machine was something like a model 6 that was rebuilt into a Master model?

Update - 3/21/2017 - I wanted this machine to be with the others so I changed the model from Master to 'M.' Technically it is a Master model.

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Gerald Ambrose
Username: Oliver9

I started collecting typewriters several years ago and it started with a late 1960s Smith-Corona Sterling portable that I got as a gift.