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1936 Hermes Baby #90881


I was quite surprised when I got this one. I thought having another Hermes Baby wouldn´t hurt, and since it had a good price I could afford it and then repair it because it didn´t work.

It turned out the only problem it had was that the drawband was broken and it needed oiling and cleaning, so you could say the typewriter was almost fine. During rhe process I thought this one looked significantly older than the other one I have, and BTW better looking, so I checked the serial number and what was my surprise when I reallized it was such an early specimen!

Maybe it´s not the best piece of equipment, though. No return lever, somewhat unstable, not very precise, slow... This one does not play in the same league as other portables, but when you think about the date and how small it is youo realize it´s a little clever contraption. Other portables from the time I have tried are much larger (namely the excellent Erika Modell S), but this one, after all, is a good one. I wouldn´t say it´s the typewriter I would use for heavy typing, but it´s a pleasure to use such an early Baby.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Javier Vazquez del Olmo (Javi)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 4569

The first typewriter I saw was my grandpa´s Olivetti Linea 98 at the office. It was just a curio for me. Then I was given a Nakajima, which I didn´t use and my grandfather took it from me because it was easier to handle than the bulky Linea 98.

Now I own that typewriter, and I started a little collection in Valladolid, Spain. The Nakajima, which is "my" typewriter is the only one which is NOT in my collection. How ironic...

Things then got... complex. I moved from Valladolid to my village, and suddenly found myself with a lot of room available at home, so the small collection is turning into something bigger, a nuisace for my family and a great source of satisfaction for me.

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