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1929 Underwood Portable 4 Bank #4B 468071


Michigan antique mall purchase. Was not at the mall a month ago. Missing the two ribbon spools but the macine was nice and clean with paint and decals in good condition. The glass keycaps were nice and shiny. The alphabet "O" key sticks upon striking. The paper seemed not to feed and hold very well. I was using paper, carbon, paper and eveything seemed locked down. Machine had nice snappy sound and feel to typing. Came with case.
SOLD to a friend 16Oct 2017.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Tom Beauvais (TomA2Mich)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1192

Changed my collecting priorities to portables except the Olympia SG3 with the cyrillic keyboard and my Underwood No. 5--those beasts are too heavy. Sold my earlier typewriters to a friend. I had too many. I use carbon paper for typefaces when the machines have faint ribbons. I take photos with my Canon Powershot SX50HS (50x optical zoom and macro settings). I find it difficult doing typeface specimens since I use a Corsair K70 RGB gaming keyboard plugged into my 15-in Macbook. I got it solely for the deep key travel. I have fun hunting machines in antique malls in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

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