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1921 Royal 10 #0-X-607445


This machine is confusing. According to serial number data, this is a 1921 model, but it has dual glass panels on each side that are supposed to be only on the earliest machines. It also has a covered base, that makes it much quieter. I have found a similar machine on the Virtual Typewriter Museum, with the covered base, late manufacture date, and double panels. Mine also has a different prefix than what the data base suggests. Could this be a rare variant? A deluxe model of sorts?

The decals on mine do not match those of the one on the VTM because mine was repainted in certain areas.

(Wish I had more pics- this machine is owned by relatives in Massachusetts)

Typeface Specimen:

Hunter: Jack B (JustAnotherGuy)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
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