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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Jack B:
1914 Monarch 3

Typeface Specimen:

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1914 Monarch 3
Serial #

Status: My Collection
Created: 09-07-2014 at 01:55PM
Last Edit: 08-31-2016 at 10:14PM

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I received this as a gift, a week or so ago. What it seems to be is a Monarch, but labelled as a Remington. Unlike other Remington-Monarch labelled machines, this one has put Remington as the larger manufacturer and the name Monarch is just the model.

I found a little, filthy note under the type basket. It is apparently a repair shop receipt, date to the fifties. This old clunker obviously had a long working life!

This is a horrid typer to use, by the way. It was a struggle just to get a decent sample, and the alignment is terrible because of the non-slotted segment.


After a little research, it appears this isn't technically a Monarch as it was produced in the Remington factory. Therefore, it would be Remington as a manufacturer and Monarch as the model.

Oh, and it's working now by the way. After some significant amounts of Liquid Wrench in vital areas it types pretty well. It's still dirty inside and out but for the moment I am very satisfied. I have also decided to leave its exterior as-is, to keep all the age and history associated intact.

Added picture of repair receipt found under type basket. It has since been lamenated because of mold growth.

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Jack B
Username: JustAnotherGuy


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