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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Tyler Anderson:
1911 Fox 23

Typeface Specimen:

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1911 Fox 23
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Status: My Collection
Created: 01-04-2016 at 08:05PM
Last Edit: 08-23-2016 at 04:46PM

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I picked this Model 23 up a few months back, mainly for the carrying case and base, but it certainly didnt hurt that it has nearly perfect paint. It's got little attachments which plug into the carriage raceway, and I assume these are for allowing the machine to be carried without harming it. The drawcord is currently snapped, and it needs a light cleaning (how it got so much dust while under the cover, I'll never know), but due to its protected environment, it has the true blue Fox light action touch. Its wonderfully light, and dare I say fluffy, though that makes no sense.

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Tyler Anderson
Username: WordsareWinged

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