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I'm a Science, Technology & History Lover = Nerd. Though I have to admit I don't like the label Nerd or Geek. There really ought to be a better label that doesn't have some sort of socially demeaning slant to the generally accepted labels / slang. Mostly goes to the issue of our society ( notably in the US ) of still not really respecting Technology & Science enthuses. Perhaps the human race will evolve still......

My general interests are very wide ranging. In general these days I seem to have gravitated to old tech restoration being I'm old enough now to realize that I myself am not going to change the world with any new tech of my own. So now its mostly about having fun.

I have a YouTube channel called The ID of ED, it's all about my hobby's and interests.


My biggest problem that many a Nerd / Geek know all too well, chasing too many shinny objects and having too many cool projects all at the same time. Never giving enough to complete any one project. Still its better to dream too much than too little.

I have a TV set, it hasn't been on in months, years? But the shop, lab and study is a churning mess of creativity. So I'm happy with that.

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