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Young typewriter collector from Sweden. I've always been interested in tinkering with mechanical machines, and typewriters are perfect objects to tinker with, as you can get so much use out of them. I've always loved the primitive complexity of the machine that could make letters appear on a paper entirely mechanically, and that's why when I saw a Facit TP1 in a thrift store in February 2020, I knew I had to buy it.

And that's where this all started for me. Now I'm interested in the history of typewriters, and especially how the layout of the Swedish keyboards evolved and were standardized over time. I'd like to someday have a machine from each major era in typewriter history, so that they together tell a story of how they were developed. But I also like to use typewriters, and that's why I will happily get any typewriter that's unique among the ones I already have, whether that means having a wider carriage, being really quiet, or just being really good-looking.

And yes, that's my cat in my profile picture. Isn't he the greatest? :)