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Serial Number Table Last Edited: 01/1/13 04:15
NOTE: dates shown are JAN 1 unless noted, so the serial number shown is the *first* serial number produced the given year. Exceptions are serial numbers preceded by "up to"(where you can assume that the numbers reported in that subsection are DECEMBER 31, END OF YEAR NUMBERS) or rows where a month is given in the month column. If the serial number is shown as a range (xxxx-xxxx) it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year.

        Merrit Bros., Springfield, U.S.A.  
        Since 1907: Yost Typewriter Co., Bridgeport, U.S.A.  
Models and s/n Y M D Remarks Ref.
Standard manual          
No. 1          
  started 1887     "Unvisible" typing, ink pad machine, with 8 key-rows keyboard, Models Nos. 1-4 were sold as "New Yost" as well 4
No. 2          
No. 4          
  1895     Since 1907: Additional ribbon holder for two colour writing, where the ribbon is only as long as the carriage and fixed at both sides 4,13
Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8          
        Model No. 4 with different carriage sizes 4
No. 10          
  1905     For the european market, large model 4,13
  1908     Model with a mirror and a metal part instead of the platen, to see the written text, only a few sold 4
Nos. 11, 12, 13, 14          
  1907     Model No. 10 with different cariage sizes 4,13
        Unvisible writing "Yosts" were produced until 1913, when "visible models were already available 4
No. 15          
  1908     "Visible" typing, patented in 1907, 4-rows keyboard, 2 shift keys, ink pad machine 4,13
No. 18          
  1908       4,13
No. 20          
  1912     Decimal-tabulator, carriage sizes A-E 4,13
  1924     The production of all Yost machines ended 4,13
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