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Serial Number Table Last Edited: 11/21/16 10:28
NOTE: dates shown are JAN 1 unless noted, so the serial number shown is the *first* serial number produced the given year. Exceptions are serial numbers preceded by "up to"(where you can assume that the numbers reported in that subsection are DECEMBER 31, END OF YEAR NUMBERS) or rows where a month is given in the month column. If the serial number is shown as a range (xxxx-xxxx) it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year.

  1921-1937 Patents:
Filed Dec 9, 1921 • Issued Feb 3, 1925
Filed Dec 19, 1921 • Issued Feb 9, 1926
Filed Dec 6, 1921 • Issued Jul 17, 1928
Filed Apr 17, 1925 • Issued Jun 4, 1929
Designed in 1921 by George F. Rose, the son of Franklin Sebastian Rose - the inventor of the Standard Folding portable, which was to become the Corona 3.
Produced in 1932 by the short-lived Mass Production Corporation, first at 150 Broadway, New York City, N.Y. - later at 190 Baldwin Ave. Jersey City, N.J., USA in 1932.
Models and s/n Y M D Remarks Ref.
1932 Small, 3-Bank front stroke portable initially sold for $25.50 then heavily discounted to $14.50 after it failed to gain market traction. Available in four colors, crinkle finished: Black (most common), blue, green and red. Production estimated at around 2000 units for a few months in 1932 before the company went under.
Early models have shift key only on left side, later models have shift on both sides of keyboard.
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