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1941 Underwood Universal

Serial #F 1431615

A pretty rare machine, used in WW2 to transcribe radio messages onto paper. It has an all caps font, and a slashed zero to differentiate the number from a capital O.

However, if it wasn't so rare it would be a parts machine. Too many things wrong with it to list.

This particular machine came with a tripod, but as most radio mills have specially marked cases, it may not be original.


FINALLY got around to getting it cleaned up. The carriage, it seems, needed a few adjustments so that it would sit properly. The segment was cleaned out and she types again!

Still has a ways to go, though. There is a lot of cleaning and lubrication that needs to be done and I need feet!



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1941 Underwood Universal Type Sample


1941 Underwood Universal Photo Gallery

This pic shows the slashed zero key only on radio mills.

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